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Sound Design


Audio Artist/Sound Designer
{EA Games}

Over the past few years I've been a sound designer at EA Games. Working on the FIFA franchise as well as Need For Speed. I'm extremely proud of the world I've done on FIFA contributing thousands of in-game assets and really helping create the in-game atmosphere.. My time there has given me great experience with the Frostbite engine,  surround mixing/mastering, voice over recording, database management, and so much more. There's an amazing audio team there and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Sound Designer

I love video games, and I love sound. So I'm always looking for new games that I can help make sound even better. Unity and Unreal have helped the indie development community explode over the past few years, and combined with the functionality of FMOD and Wwise really allows for creativity and freedom when it comes to designing and implementing sounds  for these projects. I have no allegiance to any tools, I love and use them all. My most recent project is the Unity developed Tyler: Model 005  (Reversed Interactive).


Sound Library Creation
{FaderMaster Studios}

I'm always creating and capturing new sounds. Also, I have a modular synth habit, a penchant for bizarre guitar pedals and I love experimenting with the  arduino and Max MSP interfaces. At my recording studio FaderMaster we have recently pushed into sound library creation to help provide direction and purpose to our noise making habits. If you're on a small budget, head over there and we might have just the sounds you're looking for. And if there's a particular sounds you're looking for and can't find, let me know!