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Music Production



Capturing or creating the sound an artist had in their head  is one of the most satisfying things to achieve. Giving them something they didn't think possible, feels even better. Whether it's recording instruments in their most natural and raw state or distorting, mangling, and processing things beyond recognition. I love working with all genres, so feel free to get in touch if you want some help recording your project.


A lot of artists have the ability to record themselves. But the balance of these sounds is where some records can fall apart, often because people have been too close to the music for too long and have lost perspective. 
I love mixing records for other people so much because of that fresh perspective and it's much easier to find direction. Typically I mix at my studio FaderMaster which has all kinds of fun toys for helping take your project to the finish line.



I got into producing shortly after I realized no matter what microphone I had or how good my mix was I could never make a bad song turn good. As a former overly self-critical musician myself, I love to help provide artists with that perspective of knowing when a song needs more, and when it's just right.
I tend to work best helping create additional layers, instrumentation, and sounds to fill out songs (when necessary). So, if you think we might be a good match for making a record, send me some demos (iPhone quality is totally acceptable), and lets talk.

"Time Capsule" was the last song on this beast of an EP with the band Fields of Green. I love this song for the dynamics and crazy changes it goes through. And personally I still love that I was able to make the drums cut through all this madness without the use of samples. An 8" birch snare drum will do just fine by itself
"Restless Love" is a gorgeous track from the duo, Little Crow. Their only instrumentation is  guitar and vocals so they were looking for a producer who could help tighten up the songs and add additional layers. Chopping up vocals and feeding that into many delays and effects helped create fuel for tons of these little layers that ended up filling out the background but still felt like part of the duo. 
"Love Like Mine" was the solution of being asked to help Mindil Beach make a radio banger. They had struggled getting radio play for a while as they skirted the middle ground between "fitting" the style of  bigger radio stations and just wanted a song that would finally get them some airtime and attention.  They went onto place in the top 3 of Fox Seeds and in the Top 20 of the Peak Performance Project.  I think we did that just fine.

If these songs aren't your style, don't stress. This is just a small rotating sample of the hundreds of records I've done. If you'd like to hear what I can do for something that's more your style of music, just contact me and ask for a sample.