Frequently Asked Questions...

Where are you from?
Born in Saskatoon, grew up in Calgary, then moved to Vancouver .

How the heck do you say your last name?:
Sounds just like "Beck-ler"  but I'm never offended by any mispronunciations, it's a weird name.

I have a record I'd like (recorded/mixed/produced), how much do you charge?
I can accommodate almost all budgets in some way and I have a  love for abandoning conventional studios and setting up recordings in bedrooms, cabins, and even boats on lakes.  If you get in touch and provide me with more details about your project then I can give usually give a number of different options and see what works best. 

I have a (game/film/show) I'd like sounds for, how much do you charge?
You'll have to get in touch for a quote so I have more details. I work with Wwise, FMOD and am happy to integrate with your project in Unity or Unreal.  Recording raw assets and sending them over is fine, but doesn't really allow for much interaction and creativity with game audio. So I'd prefer to get a build so I can test locally. work on records and on video games? AND other stuff too?!
Yeah! It's awesome. But I totally understand how some people might think it's disingenuous to flip between projects this varied. Kind of like how you might not want your dentist to also be your mechanic. 
But this is  all audio!  And what I do for one project, almost always helps me in another.
So please don't be put off by my passion for sound and trying new things. 

How did you get your start?
Little known fact is I actually wanted to get into game development before I became a record producer. In the mid 90 's I was learning visual basic and programming very simple games. But once I picked up a guitar and started getting involved in music, things just kind of clicked. I moved to Vancouver shortly after high school in 2006 and attending an audio post-secondary institution. After graduation I become a runner/assistant at Mushroom Studios and started taking on my own recording projects. In 2007 I joined FaderMaster Studios which is where I really cut my teeth and started my engineering/producing career.  In 2011 FaderMaster outgrew that space and we moved into the old Little Mountain Sound Studios building, and I became one of the owners of FaderMaster/FaderMountain Studios. Around that time I realized that I had more of a passion for games than most, and because indie dev tools had improved so much, it was much easier to put my audio skills to use. In 2015 I started at Electronic Arts as an Audio Artist/Sound Designer. I've been jumping between music and games since then.